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Back in 2003 I was introduced to Gallop’s StrengthsFinder work and was quite impressed. If you’re not familiar with it, you can think of it as something like the Myers-Briggs but with a diverse set of 34 different attributes that examine what drives your personality and decision making. I loved the work because it finally gave me the words that I could use to describe to myself and others how I ticked.  My #2 theme from StrengthsFinder was Learner and it perfectly described my desire to want to learn and want to continuously improve. As an effort to try and satisfy this thirst I am continually reading (mostly non-fiction books) and find myself always going back to these great thinkers. The topics are extremely varied but I have to be honest I read very few pure “business” books because I have found them to be extremely superficial and more about soundbites than actual content. Along my “learning journey” I do occasionally come across an author that I would describe as an influential thinker, one that provides great insight or deep thinking and on a rare occasion they are both.

Dan Pink (NY Times Best Selling Author of A Whole New Mind and Drive)

Nassim Taleb (NY Times Best Selling Author of Fooled By Randomness and The Black Swan)

Seth Godin (NY Times Best Selling Author of Tribes – and many others)

Daniel Kahneman (NY Times Best Selling Author of Thinking, Fast and Slow)

Susan Cain (NY Times Best Selling Quiet)

Stefan Lindegaard (Author and Speaker on Open Innovation, Social Media Tools and Intrapreneurship)


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