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While Watching the Olympics, Notice How Small Nuances Determine Success or Failure

Olympic RingsThe Olympics always bring out the competitive spirit in me.  I find my heart racing along with the athletes as they put their lifetime of training to the test for their shot at Olympic glory.  For some the difference between a gold medal and despair can be as little as a few hundredths of a second.  After this week’s tie for the gold medal in Women’s downhill skiing, a first in Olympic Alpine skiing history, many were suggesting that they needed to start measuring times in the thousandths of a second.  Swiss watchmaker Omega has been measuring Olympic time since 1932 and claims that their technology can be accurate to the millionth of a second but the level of accuracy for each sport is determined by the corresponding federation.  Whatever the measure of time, success or failure for each of these athletes can come down to the slightest nuance during their final performance.

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“The Taste of Victory and Agony of Defeat” at MPI MN iConnect 2014

I will be speaking at the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) MN iConnect 2014 conference on February 20th, 2014.  The session is titled “The Taste of Victory and Agony of Defeat” and will focus on the role of innovation and failure within the changing landscape of Meeting Design and the Business Value of Meetings.

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