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So last week the Blog officially turned six months old and I wanted to offer a quick thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement along the way.  It will be a busy next few weeks in January with a couple of events and a slight redesign to the blog (there will be more details coming shortly).

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2012 has been a great year and thank you again for your support!


Here is a recap of the most popular posts from in 2012:

#1 – A Lesson In Leadership: How Circuit City Forgot the Value of Their Employees.

#2 – Silicon Valley has moved from tolerating failure to embracing it. When will the rest of us?

#3 – Veterans Day Lessons: Leadership, Learning, and Failure from a Soldier’s Perspective

#4 – After a “Failed Launch” in 2005 – P90X Fitness Program Earns Revenue of $700m

#5 (tied) – Risk vs. Reward – How Compensation, Career Path, and Employment Stability Drive Innovation

#5 (tied) – Target Misses the Mark – a Failed Holiday Partnership with Neiman Marcus


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