My interview on Most businesses are not equipped to handle failure…

I have to admit that I’m pretty excited!  My interview with was published yesterday on my work in launching my writing, blogging, and speaking business with & In the interview I discuss my personal failure story and my subsequent interest in helping organizations understand the importance of planning for and learning from failure.

I wanted to offer a quick “thank you” to everyone for their support and feedback over the last few months!


Here is the first part of the article…

“Most businesses are not equipped to handle failure. They are not prepared to address the impact of failure on the organization prior to launching these innovations, and are, therefore, ill-prepared when it does happen – impacting everyone involved.”

Matt Hunt is a professional speaker, blogger, consultant and founder of Stanford & Griggs, LLC.  With over 20 years of business and technology experience he has a demonstrated excellence in business strategy, innovation, and leadership development with large companies, small companies and non-profit organizations.

Matt has worked for Morgan Stanley and Best Buy throughout most of his career. During his time in corporate America, he saw that failure has recently become a favorite buzzword in the popular press and business journals. However, it is still a tainted word in most American businesses that are driven by continued career growth, quarterly profitability and shareholder returns. Executives rarely get promoted based on their long list of failures and employees who risk becoming intrapreneurs are often discouraged from telling their stories and frequently end up leaving the organization where that wisdom becomes lost forever. This missed opportunity to learn from our failures became the spark Matt needed to fuel his drive to move innovation forward. Now, Matt Hunt is ready to share this wisdom and innovation strategies with your organization to fuel innovation and catalog failure as a learning tool to drive organizational enhancement.

Here is the link to the entire interview:


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