FailCon: Silicon Valley comes out of the closet… on failure.

There won’t be any floats or parades in San Francisco today but there will be a similarly strong debate on fear, emotion, and failure.  Today is the fourth annual FailCon conference being held in San Francisco, California.  The goal of the conference is to “Stop being afraid of failure and start embracing it” and it is targeted at Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers.  The thought is that by talking about our failures and learning from the failures of others we can move beyond our fear of failure toward our path to success.  Sound familiar?

This year’s speakers will include representatives from Intuit, Google Ventures, Venture Beat, and GroupOn to share their stories.  The day will also include presentations from authors and innovation gurus Eric Ries (@ericries) and Scott Berkun (@berkun).  The conference will not be streamed but you can follow along via Twitter with the #Failcon hashtag.  Happy Failure Day!

One reply to “FailCon: Silicon Valley comes out of the closet… on failure.”

  1. Matt Hunt | Oct 22, 2012, 1:30 pm

    Even better… for those of you not able to attend FailCon today Scott Berkun (@berkun) has offered to provide Cliff’s Notes… available on his Blog…

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