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Innovation Excellence: Five Ways Organizations Lose When They Cover Up Innovation Failures

When executives are allowed to hide their innovation failures the entire organization suffers.  False expectations are set for the entire group of executives, innovation leaders see their careers scuttled, and every other employee fails to learn from the failure.  Without clear organizational expectations of documenting, sharing, and learning from our failures we will continue to see them covered up.  Left to our own devices we will naturally seek to avoid our failures and move into self-preservation mode.  In my work helping organizations to build strong innovation processes this is a common issue but it can be resolved.

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HR Recruiter, Hiring Manager or Just Looking for a Job? Be Ready to Ask or Answer the Magic Interview Question.

How many times have you been asked the same battery of questions from one interview to the next?  Frequently you’re asked to highlight your successes, quantify your intellect, measure your personal drive and determination, and maybe a hypothetical question or two thrown in for good measure.  I published an article today in that explains a Magic interview question that I’ve used to succinctly determine if a good candidate is the “right” candidate: Have you failed in your career?

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